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Medical Administrative Asst Duties

Medical administrative assistant responsibilities can vary depending on the type of medical facility, hospital, or doctor’s office a medical administrative assistant chooses to work in. In a large facility or hospital, medical administrative assistants tend to focus on clerical and office tasks.

In a small facility or doctor’s office, medical administrative assistant duties can expand to include tasks performed by trained certified nursing assistants.

Medical administrative assistants typically work at the front desk in a large facility or hospital. General customer service is needed to answer telephones, schedule appointments, and greet patients.

In addition, it’s important for medical administrative assistants to be excellent communicators who can easily explain a physicians’ instructions in simple terms that a patient can understand. It is also essential for a medical administrative assistant to be able to respect patients’ privacy and confidentiality.

Medical administrative assistant duties also include clerical tasks. These tasks include updating and filing patient records, filling out insurance forms, handling correspondence, handling billing, and bookkeeping.

In addition, scheduling is an important task for medical administrative assistants. If a schedule is well organized patients can be seen in an orderly manner. Medical administrative assistants are also responsible for arranging patient laboratory services and hospital admissions.

In a small facility or doctor’s office medical administrative assistant responsibilities can expand a great deal. Medical administrative assistants are expected to also be trained as certified nursing assistants so that they can take vital signs of incoming patients and handle other minor medical tasks.

This allows a doctor to be able to spend more time with patients to discuss various medical issues.